We finally landed…the New LunarCrush Brand Redesign.

8 min readNov 4, 2021

So why now? Why did we feel it was necessary to roll out a new brand?

We could’ve simply added some new platform features, dropped a new app, leveraged Lunr, the utility token, all without a rebrand. Seriously, we could’ve and we almost did.

But something told us we needed to evolve our brand too.

We know that we are privileged to be a part of the most bananas business. Nothing on Earth moves with the speed of crypto. And as we try to understand it through analyzing social media… well, it’s a lot like trying to put a saddle on a mustang strapped to a rocket.

Things move fast. And as a part of this space, so do we. We’ve turned our back on outdated subscription models and won’t sell your data, or bombard you with ads, but rather build and enable a community to grow and contribute, because we want everyone to benefit. That’s different. That’s better.

So, we represent something new, something better. And that called for a new, better experience for our community. Something representative of this warp speed change and hope getting ever closer on the horizon… so naturally that led us to create a new world filled with wit, passion, curiosity, joy, flying cars…and of course, laser beams.

We believe that the strongest, most effective branding is an expression of a deeper sense of purpose. A purpose beyond it’s visual and experiential expressions. It’s a blood-red thread that flows through everything we do: A logo, a color palette, a tagline, a video, some illustrations, new UX, new UI, a new digital product, all working together to further the LunarCrush purpose.

So we took a step back and looked at why we created LunarCrush to begin with. Just like most of you, when we started investing in crypto, we didn’t know where to begin. We knew that social media impacted crypto, but how did we know whether we were getting access to the right information from the right people? We started following news sites, influencers on Twitter, and Telegram groups. But we were really missing a tool that not only measured the way social media affected cryptocurrency but also created a central place of truth. A place that made order out of chaos.

So we built it.

Now fast forward three years, we’ve grown. Our user base is over 5 Million and growing. We have over 170K+ Twitter followers. Our average daily traffic numbers are bonkers. Our team has grown from 4 people to 15 core team members plus dozens of contractors all over the world. And now we’ve just launched a new website experience, a new app experience for iOS and Android, we’re leveraging Lunr, the utility token, to change the way business is done, and we’ve given our community the ability to be active participants in our project.

So having focused on building the tools, the business and the community, we thought it was about time we gave as much love and attention to branding. So we set about bringing to life the purpose and personality we’ve ploughed into LunarCrush over the past three years.

And we have to say, we are delighted with the results and excited for where it can take us all. Because that’s one of the key lessons we’ve learnt along the way. We are a data and analytics company, but what we deal in and build is community.

From day one, our purpose has been to transform conversation into knowledge.

We have always been seekers of truth, analyzing the way people talk, the things they talk about, and the people they talk with, to reveal and understand their relationship with the cryptocurrency market. LunarCrush IS social intelligence for crypto.

We deliver on our purpose, by always listening to our community.

We stripped away the noise that people didn’t want to hear, and instead focused on bringing you what matters most to you: access to the right information and the right people. By listening to the community, we’ve translated the code to help you learn, understand and act on how to make better crypto investment decisions.

We believe inIndividuality

We believe in a digital future where we retain our civil liberties and personal freedoms. And as individuals, we drive the community forward.


Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. To earn it, we will always be honest and open with our words and actions.


We look at possibilities and are always curious for self expression. We believe in ideas, innovation and shooting for the moon.


Loving what you do makes you do it better. We stay curious, inspired, and excited about what’s next. Positivity can be contagious.


Better the life of every single person you encounter, and reach as many people as possible.


Enlighten and provide expertise and information to encourage people to think and act.

The next phase, after establishing the brand platform, was to make sure that the visual brand expression aligned with our vision for the future.

LunarCrush is a world comprising many different areas and projects including Defi, Stable Coins, ERC-20, NFTs, $Dot Ecosystem, $BSC Ecosystem. $Zil ecosystem, Meme, and more.

We’re proud of the diversity and open arms and minds of our community, and looked to express that spirit visually through what we call the “LunarVerse.” Our name is LunarCrush after all, and we’re not escaping interplanetary travel, space expeditions, world building, astronauts, spaceships, and aliens. So hey, why not lean in right?

A logo is usually considered the face of a brand, especially in crypto, where there isn’t much advertising going on and where UI isn’t all that recognizable. The logo (alongside thousands of meme’s) is everything to everyone. So we had to make it count and though we loved our little rocket we felt that it was time to land it on the moon.

Our new logo is a representation of two concepts: the moon and the eye.

The moon, again, it’s part leaning into our name, and part because while we loved our old rocket ship logo, after three years it was about time we actually reached the moon.

And the eye, well we are observers. We watch the patterns, look for trends and then translate them for our community to use in making more informed investment decisions.

And before you get into this 1984, Big Brother is watching you parallel, don’t. It’s not like that. Our mission has always been about absolute transparency. The data we provide is unbiased and objective. That has always been our goal.


Our color palette has always been robust to accommodate for large swathes of applications from website to social media posts. Well, we felt we could minimize our palette and go from this….

We’ve reduced our palette from 76 colors to 22. This makes our brand building more cohesive and focussed. Our primary colors are the shades of green and purple, with other colors providing the variety and range that we need to live in the rich tapestry of our LunarVerse.


The font, well, initially we used Exo 2, a tech slanted, futuristic geometric sans serif offered through Google for everything. Headlines, numbers, body copy. We really pushed it to it’s limits, and though it served us well, we felt that we needed to find replacements that worked better across many different types of applications for both legibility and utility.

We added Fakt Pro for Headlines and Body copy and Space Grotesk for numbers. It was important for us to retain a bit of the quirk of Exo 2. So instead of opting for a traditional grotesk or a traditional geometric, we found Fakt that merged the two, giving us a strong and diverse set of characters with personality to be used throughout our applications. And Space Grotesk, well, that’s just dripping with quirk. We use Space Grotesk for our numerals.

We’ve created a universe that we hope our community is proud and happy to spend time in.

Part of this has been developing a library of illustrations and iconography to use throughout LunarCrush and our social channels. They visually represent our optimism and excitement for the future, and our enjoyment of the moment we’re privileged to be part of.

Set of icons used for Key Metrics such as Galaxy Score and AltRank, Levels, and functional icons.

Listen, we even turned our employees into inhabitants of LunarVerse. Because a world needs inhabitants that are adapted through the integration of technology and flesh. Yeah singularity. We said it.


We love what we do and the bananas world in which we operate. This enjoyment, optimism and positivity comes across in our LunarVerse, aka our brand. So we think people will enjoy spending time in it. Which means we will continue to grow and our community will continue to grow.

We’re going to continue exploring and expanding our LunarVerse, so be ready for new stuff. This is just the beginning. As we say when we board our rocket to LunarVerse, keep your hands in the rocket at all times, and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for being part of this community.

Originally published at https://medium.com on November 4, 2021.