Trade the talk with LunarCrush Trading

4 min readJan 31, 2023


At LunarCrush, we think it’s time web3 got a little simpler.

Over 100 million people visited LunarCrush in 2022. Wow and thank you! Our mission since 2018 has been to create transparency for investors. You might know us for our social intelligence tools for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and stocks where we collected over 1.5 trillion, yes trillion, data points last year and turned them into actionable insights for you. Maybe you recognize us for our influencer ratings, where we help influencers keep track of their audience, or you’re are a brand who tracks who can make an impact for your growth campaigns. Then again maybe you are a passive lurker who keeps an eye on our markets page because you understand the impact social media has on the financial markets. Whoever you are, we thank you.

Trading cryptocurrencies is hard. Hard as in, “I’ve heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum, are there other ones?” hard.

Today we are thrilled to announce LunarCrush Trade. LunarCrush Trade is simple. There are 1,400+ cryptocurrencies available in one place and it is right beside all our amazing insights you have become accustomed to. No more hopping bridges or crossing chains by yourself, no more sorting through insights and panicking on where to make the trade, let LunarCrush be your guide to all this madness.

LunarCrush Trade is a powerful non-custodial, multi-chain, multi-asset trading tool enabling you to seamlessly trade multitudes of cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. It’s all in your wallet, not ours! We handle all the bridging and swapping, so you can trade with confidence and ease. This means we make it easy for you to trade one of the over 1,400+ tokens we support by finding the best price and the easiest route for each trade. Now, when you spot an anomaly or an insight, you can easily swap it for almost any token you have in your connected wallet. Whether you want to trade ADA for BTC or SOL for ZIL, we have you covered. All you have to do is make the request, and we’ll handle the rest.

Now you have a convenient and efficient way to manage all of your trading activities in one place. No longer will you need to leave LunarCrush to perform manual bridges and swaps. With LunarCrush Trade, all of that can be handled by our on-site trade feature which is both fast and easy to use. Additionally, we’ll scour the options out there to find you the best rate for each of those hops.

In order to simplify the experience, we’ve also completely overhauled LunarCrush Portfolio. With the new LunarCrush Portfolio, we’ve made it easy to connect your wallets and easily see all of your holdings in one place. Plus, a new feature to Portfolio is push notifications. For any transaction that happens in any of your connected wallets you’ll receive a push. If you have our app downloaded, you’ll be notified anytime there’s any kind of movement in your wallet. This is a first of its kind tool and allows users to have another level of security across all their holdings and accounts. Now, if you’re sitting on your couch and start receiving notifications of transactions, you’ll immediately know that something has been compromised. This allows you to take action and hopefully fix things before more damage could be done.

We’ve also integrated a direct fiat onramp, which is a huge benefit for our users. With this feature, you can now easily move from the currency of your choice and start trading via DeFi. This means you no longer have to go through the hassle of converting your fiat currency to crypto on an external exchange before trading on LunarCrush. Instead, you can now directly deposit your fiat currency, such as USD, EUR, or GBP, and start trading immediately. This not only saves you time but also reduces the potential for errors and additional fees associated with transferring funds between exchanges.

At LunarCrush, we believe in the values and future of DeFi. Throughout the course of 2022, we saw how important it is to deeply commit to the opportunities that it brings to everyone. LunarCrush Trading and our updated Portfolio is another step down this path for us. Through Lunr token, LunrFi, and LunarCrush Trade, we’re constantly striving to set an example of what a Web3 project should be and how it can benefit the community.

Welcome to LunarCrush 3.0.

Trade wiser.