The Giveaway Dilemma

LunarCRUSH 3 Month Word Cloud
3-Month Word Cloud

Starting today, the LunarCRUSH influential content algorithm has been improved to continue on the course of our company’s mission, transparency.

With that transparency we ourselves will set the example by announcing how the path to influential content has been enhanced.

If you are alive, know what cryptocurrency is, and are on Twitter, you have undoubtedly seen or have partook in a giveaway. And giveaway’s are amazing! We ourselves love to give away swag and free cryptocurrency.

However, giveaway’s are marketing, they are not influence. They can certainly help to potentially achieve influence, but in our never-ending pursuit to provide the clearest view of what and who is influential in the cryptocurrency space, giveaway’s will now receive their own specific classification and no longer count towards influence.

After speaking with customers, consensus is many would still like to see giveaways be aggregated within feeds, however as mentioned, will not count towards influence.

Through doing this we hope to achieve a more clear picture of what is important across the cryptocurrency market. Social media is used for marketing as well as social discourse. At times, both have the ability to drive influence or adoption for a project, as well as price. We hope to better organize and classify these segments to stay true to our quest of complete transparency across our industry.

Furthermore, today, influencers are their own standalone brand, and do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to social content creation and narrative driving.

Our improvement with regards to influential content and the removal of giveaways from the main scoring mechanism will happen site-wide across all LunarCRUSH properties.

LunarCRUSH Influencers — 1 Year



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