Meet LunrFi 🐖🚀

5 min readApr 12, 2022

At LunarCrush, we build indispensable tools used daily by millions in the web3 community. And today, we are proud to announce another one.

Introducing LunrFi, a suite of DeFi tools that bring increased utility and rewards for Lunr token holders.

Until now, you have earned weekly rewards in the form of Lunr tokens by engaging with content and sharing opinions on LunarCrush. With LunrFi, consistent yield becomes a reality, starting with Lunr staking. It is the beginning of a new chapter for LunarCrush with a full-fledged leap into DeFi as more products are launched.

Ready to try it out? LunrFi is officially live!

How To Stake On LunrFi

LunrFi is the start of so many new LunarCrush utilties. It provides additional functionality to the existing Lunr rewards architecture and opens the door to exciting new possibilities for ecosystem development going forward.

We’re starting with staking. Using LunrFi Staking is simple. Earn Lunr tokens on LunarCrush, stake Lunr tokens on LunrFi, earn yield, repeat.

With LunrFi, you can take your rewards and earn an additional yield of up to 25% APR along with other amazing benefits of holding Lunr tokens like Level 4 access, Profile Strength rewards, and larger shares of the weekly Lunr token distribution.

Maximum APR

Each day, a max number of Lunr is available as rewards for LunrFi stakers. Over time, this number will increase to scale to meet the needs of deposits from additional stakers. The result? Sustainable staking for years!

Stakers earn the advertised APR until the potential rewards across all four staking contracts exceed the maximum amount of Lunr available for staking rewards. At this point, a user’s reward calculations for the day are rebalanced to fit within the maximum available Lunr. The bigger your portion of the pool, and the longer you stake, the greater your passive yield!

Staking Periods & Monthly ROI:

12 months: Up to 25% APR

6 months: Up to 19% APR

3 months: Up to 12% APR

1 month: Up to 8% APR

LunrFi currently offers four staking contracts, each with different vesting periods. As you increase the amount of time for your stake, your monthly yield also increases. Contracts with longer vesting periods earn larger yields. And in the future, there will be additional types of rewards and utilities attached to these contracts.

Want to view contract details?

12-month Contract: zil1qs6ppsy0p6rnaqznx3zs9q4rafmu4p8qtm3pdd

6-month Contract: zil1dt57qg37zmxzm58tvdx8rvyrk09zpsxwc77hpp

3-month Contract: zil1eft78svmxf0cxn82ysdtxxs6ky8e85xnzfvzrh

1-month Contract: zil10pt00wklns2aetdnfvg4fe9ng65ser42z2cwuk

Connect Your ZilPay Wallet To LunrFi

Using your ZilPay wallet, you can deposit your Lunr tokens into LunrFi and choose which amount of time you wish to stake.

By building LunrFi products on a decentralized blockchain like Zilliqa, we can ensure all Lunr token holders can experience the power of true self-sovereignty. The Zilpay wallet allows you to have full self-custody of your Lunr token rewards.

Be sure to connect your ZilPay wallet to your LunarCrush profile first. This ensures you don’t disrupt your potential to earn weekly rewards.

Each deposit into a staking contract is treated as a separate deposit with its own time counter and its own rewards.

In other words, new deposit = new staking period countdown.

LunrFi rewards you for your commitment.

You will not be able to claim any rewards until the entire staking period is complete. You can withdraw your stake early with no penalties, but doing so will forfeit your pending earned rewards.

How will LunrFi affect the LunarCrush ecosystem?

LunrFi is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing tools on Here are some of the ways LunrFi will integrate with other parts of LunarCrush:

Profile Strength

Engaging with LunrFi will positively impact your Profile Strength, increasing your rewards potential.

There won’t be any penalties for choosing not to use LunrFi, but the users with the highest Profile Strength will certainly be those participating in it.

LunrFi is a new opportunity for progression that will help you work towards achieving a Master Profile Strength. If you’re interested in benefiting from the perks and bonuses of having a high Profile Strength, then LunrFi is where you belong.

Access Levels

Staked Lunr tokens will still count towards your Level Access. If you’re already holding Lunr tokens for Level Access, then using LunrFi will be an easy decision.

To participate in LunrFi as an existing Level Access holder, all you’ll need to do is use your ZilPay wallet to deposit your Lunr tokens into a LunrFi staking contract.

All of this is facilitated for you natively on the LunarCrush website and mobile app with an easy-to-use design making it quick and simple to stake your Lunr tokens.

Lunr Tokenomics

Introducing LunrFi is a powerful step forward regarding the continued long-term health of Lunr token as LunarCrush advances.

Though the fundamental tokenomics for Lunr remain unchanged by the addition of LunrFi, the implementation of Defi products like the LunrFi staking protocol is a positive development for the future.

Learn more about Lunr token.

What’s Next?

A whole lot. Staking on LunarFi is only the beginning. There will be many announcements in the coming weeks that benefit Lunr holders who participate in LunrFi.


We have listened to our community and built LunrFi with you in mind. LunrFi’s suite of DeFi products is designed to reward the most dedicated LunarCrush users and give them a strong voice over time. Rewarding you, empowering you, and helping you support the LunarCrush mission of building and distributing industry-leading social intelligence tools. Strap in, hold on tight and get excited to see where this spaceship is going.

Still have questions? View LunrFi FAQ’s.