LunarCrush Supporting Web3 Login

LunarCrush is retiring email logins and moving to web3 wallet connections.

3 min readApr 21, 2023

I already have an account with an email sign in. What should I do?

Short-term, log in the way you have been. You will be able to log in using email for a few weeks as the system transition fully to web3 wallet connections. It’s suggested to connect at least one web3 wallet to your account as soon as possible. You can even connect multiple wallets to your account and log in with any of them into the same account! Connect your wallets to

What about new users that sign up? All new users who sign up on will only be able to sign up for LunarCrush using a web3 wallet. They cannot log in with an email address, nor is there much of a reason to.

When exactly will this change happen? Web3 wallet connection is already completely built and ready to go…and it is awesome! Once Apple approves the new build in the App Store, it’ll be pushed live. Again, this may happen as soon as later today.

Why is LunarCrush making this change? As part of an effort to fully embrace web3, there’s no more core utilities on that require an email login, yet all utilities now require a connected wallet. The change is also all about you, the user, owning your data, not LunarCrush. In fact, LunarCrush even deletes any email of anyone that hasn’t logged into their account after 12 months. LunarCrush will be building additional applications that all require a wallet connection in the coming months. This change drastically streamlines the user experience of those utilities.

What current utilities require you to be connected to LunarCrush?

Track portfolio holdings. LunarCrush allows for portfolio tracking across all connected wallets and tracks holdings across multiple blockchains in real time.

LunarCrush Trade. Swap cryptocurrencies across ten blockchains in your self-custodied wallet.

LunarCrush Pro access. Hold 2,000 Lunr in any connected wallet to unlock real-time insights and rewards.

LunrFi staking. Staking #Lunr in LunrFi requires a connected ZilPay wallet.

What other utilities will require a connected wallet? There’s a lot being built out at the moment with specific updates coming out soon. Future utilities will require Lunr to be both held for LunarCrush Pro access and used on pay-per-use utilities. Some of these pay-per-use utilities will provide in-depth analysis on accounts, posts, and will utilize AI in completely new ways. Get excited!…and again, more details soon.

If you have any questions or issues with web3 logins, please feel free to chat with the LunarCrush team on Discord at