Level 4 on LunarCrush is Now Live!

What do you get with Level 4?

Level 4 gives you access to many new features!

Level 4 Rewards

The split of weekly points according to Level access is as follows:

Level 1: 0–29 Lunr held. No weekly rewards

Introducing LunarCrush Insights

One of the premier features for Level 4 is an exciting new research tool called LunarCrush Insights™. You’ll start to see insights for your favorite coins posted around your personalized Dashboard, for all coins within the Discover section, and some insights on Coin Detail Pages.

For example:

Without Level 4 Access:

Bitcoin (BTC) — Price just hit $100,000, an all-time high!

With Level 4 Access:

Bitcoin (BTC) — Social volume hit 12,323 posts today, the highest point in the last 60 days.

Opinions Over Time.

Level 4 rewards you for daily participation and hodling 500 Lunr by granting access to greater insights around LunarCrush Opinions™.

Exclusive Discord Channel

When you reach Level 4, you will also have the benefit of joining our new VIP Discord channel.

Access to Up to 4 Years of Data


Level 4 is the first new level announcement since LunarCrush launched, but it surely won’t be the last! The LunarCrush team is always building new ways to collect and distribute social intelligence data for the crypto community. The crypto space evolves quickly, and so does LunarCrush. Stay tuned!



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