Level 4 on LunarCrush is Now Live!

5 min readMar 8, 2022


Announcing the highly anticipated Level 4 on LunarCrush, the first new level since launching on October 20.

What do you get with Level 4?

Level 4 gives you access to many new features!

🧠 A LunarCrush Opinions™ section, showing you sentiment trends over time.

🔭 LunarCrush Insights™, giving you a deeper understanding of social intelligence metrics in context.

🗓️ Up to 4 years of social activity data for all of your favorite metrics including AltRank™, Galaxy Score™, Social Volume, and more.

🤑 Enhanced, Level 4 weekly rewards.

🔓 Exclusive access to a new VIP Discord Channel along with priority support.

✨ Users who hold 500 Lunr will unlock Level 4.

Level 4 Rewards

Lunr is earned by collecting and claiming based on your daily and weekly reward points. Points are gained by actively engaging in activities across LunarCrush.

LunarCrush distributes 50,000 Lunr rewards each week to Level 2–4 users. As you ascend the level system, you gain access to larger share of Lunr rewards each week. Level 4 users will receive a greater portion of weekly rewards.

The split of weekly points according to Level access is as follows:

Level 1: 0–29 Lunr held. No weekly rewards

Level 2: At least 30 Lunr held. 50% of weekly rewards distributed evenly amongst all users in all levels.

Level 3: At least 100 Lunr held. 50% of weekly rewards distributed evenly amongst all users in all levels + an additional 20% of total weekly rewards, exclusive to Level 3 users.

Level 4: At least 500 Lunr held. 50% of weekly rewards distributed evenly amongst all users in all levels + an additional 30% of total weekly rewards, exclusive to Level 4 users.

Introducing LunarCrush Insights

One of the premier features for Level 4 is an exciting new research tool called LunarCrush Insights™. You’ll start to see insights for your favorite coins posted around your personalized Dashboard, for all coins within the Discover section, and some insights on Coin Detail Pages.

This new tool provides you with useful findings for your favorite social metrics by alerting you to new milestones and giving you a deeper understanding of which performance changes indicate potential growth.

There are many ways that you will see Insights on LunarCrush.

If you’re below Level 4, you’ll only see Insights that inform you of price trends and milestones, but you won’t have access to deeper Insights about a coin’s social activity over time.

If you HODL 500 Lunr, you’ll see Insights on your Dashboard that indicate valuable findings from social intelligence analysis.

Insights can include all-time high alerts and findings from social data analyzed against weekly, monthly, and yearly performance trends.

For example:

Without Level 4 Access:

Bitcoin (BTC) — Price just hit $100,000, an all-time high!

With Level 4 Access:

Bitcoin (BTC) — Social volume hit 12,323 posts today, the highest point in the last 60 days.

Bitcoin (BTC) — Social engagement hit 1.4 million engagements today, the highest point in the last 60 days.

Bitcoin (BTC) — GalaxyScore™ hit 78/100, a new all-time high!

This is just the start. There’s huge plans for LunarCrush Insights™ which will be revealed in the coming weeks and months ahead.

The greater your understanding of what social metrics are showing you, the better your chance at landing on the moon. LunarCrush Insights gives you the knowledge you need to find hidden gems and enhance your full investment potential.

Opinions Over Time.

Level 4 rewards you for daily participation and hodling 500 Lunr by granting access to greater insights around LunarCrush Opinions™.

Until now, our LunarCrush Opinions™ data has been viewable in a daily format to give you real-time crypto community insights. You know it as the daily task that rewards you just for having an opinion and contributing it to LunarCrush.com.

Level 4 allows you to view all of the sentiment data that LunarCrush has collected over time with LunarCrush Opinions™. To find emerging trends and patterns, you can analyze the sentiment data across variable timeframes.

Using social intelligence like LunarCrush Opinions™ when doing investment research gives you a whole new way to analyze the crypto market.

When you zoom out and combine your understanding of the broader narrative with traditional market research, you unlock a new way to understand the on-chain analysis for the coins you invest in.

Exclusive Discord Channel

When you reach Level 4, you will also have the benefit of joining our new VIP Discord channel.

VIP Discord members can expect enhanced support, active discussions with other Level 4 Lunarians and LunarCrush team members, and early access to test and discuss LunarCrush features.

Don’t forget to add your Discord to lunarcrush.com/settings/profile so you can increase your Profile Strength and actively participate on the VIP Discord channel.

Access to Up to 4 Years of Data

Level 4 gives you access to more data than ever before with nearly 4 years of social activity compiled into quickly digestible insights and data tables on coins where the data is available. Over time as insights expand even further, Level 4 users will always get access to the maximum timeframe available on all coins and other assets listed on LunarCrush.

Day traders can continue to use the daily format to get in and out of trending assets quickly but for more long-term investment research you can zoom out to see how your favorite coins have grown their social communities across time.

Becoming a Level 4 user allows you to use LunarCrush in any way that fits your trading needs. When in doubt, zoom out.


Level 4 is the first new level announcement since LunarCrush launched, but it surely won’t be the last! The LunarCrush team is always building new ways to collect and distribute social intelligence data for the crypto community. The crypto space evolves quickly, and so does LunarCrush. Stay tuned!




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