Introducing LunarCRUSH Africa

2 min readFeb 26, 2021

Africa is undergoing an economic revolution.

Ecosystem growth, specifically in FinTech, has not gone unnoticed. A growing digital services sector has led to an increase in those enjoying access to formal financial services. It is easier than ever for new ideas to thrive and penetrate this majorly young population. There is an opportunity unlike any other and the continent will need to increase access to information, education, and opportunity to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

We believe economies in African will leapfrog existing incumbents through innovations in financial services, similarly to how many Africans skipped a landline and went straight to mobile. That is why…

LunarCRUSH is now in Africa!

Without a community, there is no crypto. Our tag-line has never been more true than it is today. At LunarCRUSH, we work to deliver community insights from all corners of the world to cryptocurrency investors, funds, and exchanges through research applications and integrated data. And now, we bring our community to Africa.

Our Focus:

Real-Time Community Insights from Africa

  • The high quality insights you have come to expect from LunarCRUSH, with a focus on projects originating from Africa.

Showcase the Financially Underserved

  • We will be providing a stage for exceptional cryptocurrency projects, regardless of budgets, to showcase their product through our Livestreams and social posts.

Welcome New Investors

  • For many, cryptocurrency will become the next step in the global social contract — a world that lives, breathes, and functions seamlessly with all economies.

Economic Policy Brought Forward

  • Help new and experienced investors track financial and economic activities from Africa represented through real-time social insights.

Support Founders

  • As entrepreneurs ourselves, LunarCRUSH believes in the people behind the brands. By understanding the stories behind the passion, we create the next generation of those who set out to create something greater than themselves.

A perfect storm bringing innovation and opportunity is brewing in Africa and LunarCRUSH could not be more thrilled to experience it first hand. Let us write our story together in Africa!

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