Gain an edge for your trades with the new “Live Dashboard” for Level 5 users

4 min readOct 25, 2022

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature for all Level 5 users — Live Dashboard.

Live Dashboard brings your LunarCrush experience to life, enabling you to see everything that’s trending, as it’s trending, in real-time. With the Live Dashboard, you get unparalleled coverage of trending market news and social posts that impact a stock’s or project’s social metrics. Allowing you to peer inside the mind of the market to obtain alpha and make better, smarter trades.

Let’s dive in.

LunarCrush Live Dashboard
LunarCrush Live Dashboard

The Live Dashboard starts with a customizable experience. That means you can see the information that’s most important to you. Want to create a dashboard for information on stocks, you can do it. Only want to see NFTs? That can be done as well. Want a mix of Crypto thrown in, we got you covered.

With the customizable dashboard, you can pick and choose, drag and drop, and dial in the settings to help you find the alpha that you’re looking for. Simply create a new dashboard in the top left and then edit the settings using the gear icon on the right.

LunarCrush Live Customizable Dashboard

Next up, the Live Dashboard now features a Trending Activity feed.

The Trending Activity feed is much like our current feed, but now it’s updated to the second. As tweets, conversations, articles, and news start to trend, it appears on the Activity feed and shows you how recently the post was created and trended.

This tool can help you spot when something breaks and help you identify potential opportunities to take action. Enabling you to stay up to date on the pulse of the market with a quick glance.

LunarCrush Live Dashboard Trending Activity

To the right of the Trending Activity feed, we have the widgets. The widgets let you see our metrics as they change in real-time. No need to refresh or click around. Simply sit on this page and watch projects and stocks float up and down.

If you see a specific stock or project suddenly float up the ranks in AltRank™ and Galaxy Score™, plus its social engagements and mentions are up, you may want to take note of that — it could be potential alpha. Keep your eyes keen to find those opportunities.

LunarCrush Live Dashboard Widgets

At the bottom of the Live Dashboard, we have our ticker. The ticker helps to highlight insights on specific projects or stocks that are trending.

Accounting for a variety of metric types, the ticker can show you price, Galaxy Score™, AltRank™, and more. With the ticker, you can watch for unique insights that allow you to stay on the bleeding edge of trading opportunities.

LunarCrush Live Dashboard Ticker

The new Live Dashboard can help you gain an edge over others. By bringing our information to you in real-time and with speed, you can get a jump on others before they notice what’s even being talked about. This is the first live feature from LunarCrush, with many more to come. Level up to 5 and take off those horse blinders of typical feeds — dive into our new Live Dashboard.