Check out the all-new LunarCrush Markets!

2 min readApr 27, 2022


Experience improved usability across devices, powerful filters, real-time insights, and 5x faster performance as you explore your favorite cryptocurrencies.

👁️ View your Watchlist or the entire market

🍕 Slice by metric, category, and trading metrics

🏆 See daily changes in Galaxy Score™ and AltRank™

📊 View all real-time social and market metrics

🌎 Access global social and market activity

LunarCrush Insights™

🧠🚀LunarCrush Insights™ is now available for all coins!

These powerful insights look at anomalies across social and market metrics for every single coin and deliver them to you effortlessly. One click takes you right to that insight for any coin to investigate further.

BUY buttons

You’ll notice a new BUY button next to each coin. In the coming weeks, these BUY buttons will offer exciting opportunities and integrations to users as LunarCrush partners with leading exchanges.

✨Partners will have the ability to pay for partnership fees with Lunr!

Coin Pages

In addition to the Markets update, there’s a more seamless experience on Coin Pages. Get easier access to metrics, explore immersive charts, and experience faster speed.

✨Coins will soon be able to enhance their pages with LunarCrush Base™, a new product powered by Lunr!

We hope you enjoy your new LunarCrush Markets update. Look for many optimizations, opportunities, and additions in the future!

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