Capture the Pulse of the Crypto Market With Your New LunarCrush Dashboard

2 min readApr 20, 2022


Check out the all-new turbocharged, real-time, personalized feed like you’ve never seen before. Your personalized Dashboard feed contains items that are focused on your favorite coins, exchanges, and influencers.

What’s in your new Dashboard?

📰Trending News — View the most shared news across all of crypto.

😎Influential Posts — See which posts have gathered the most engagement.

🚨Alerts — View custom alerts across your favorite coins.

👁️Insights — Get notified when coin metrics are breaking out.

🤔Opinions — Earn Lunr tokens for giving your opinion on many topics!

🟢Lunr Token — View holdings, LunrFi staking, and rewards.

♥️Watchlist — Easily access your favorite coins, influencers, and exchanges.

Best of all? Your Dashboard gets smarter over time and gives you more of what you care about most!

Earn Points and Lunr Token

Your Dashboard feed includes tasks that when completed, earn points that earn Lunr each day. These tasks will start with LunarCrush Opinions™️ but there will be many other tasks coming to your feed in the future, offering more opportunities to earn Lunr!

Introducing BOOSTED Posts

Your Dashboard feed will introduce BOOSTED posts which may contain more ways to earn Lunr as well as partner opportunities and announcements.

As partners BOOST posts, a portion or all of the BOOST will be paid in Lunr, creating additional industry-focused token demand!

We hope you enjoy your new LunarCrush Dashboard. Look for many optimizations, opportunities, and additions in the future!

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