Announcing the Lunr Utility Token White Paper 2.0


Lunr is the utility token that powers LunarCrush.

So What’s Changed?

The circulating supply of Lunr remains the same, however, the allocation has changed to support the addition of LunrFi and other future initiatives.

Circulating Supply Pre and Post-LunrFi
Circulating Supply w/ LunrFi Staking (Forecasted)
Daily Reward Pools (Months 1–60)
Weekly Reward Pools (Months 1–60)

The Lunr Mission

At LunarCrush, we believe in long-term sustainability over short-term gratification. We created Lunr because we recognize the value of active user participation and believe in rewarding those contributions as much as possible.

The Lunr Meritocracy

The original hypothesis, referenced from lunr.pdf v1, is as follows;

Growing Pains

Where the original hypothesis faltered was in its assumption that humans would choose altruism over greed.

Net Positives:

  • Scaled. LunarCrush and Lunr Token are scaled well beyond their years and the infrastructure is ready for anything.
  • Community. Our core community came together, went into action, immediately supported each other, and started problem-solving. We are truly battle-hardened.
  • New Offerings. As more DAPPs come online, Lunr is positioned to provide tooling to provide transparency and analytics around interactions between DAPPs and blockchains.
  • Growth. Ultimately the community growth settled and has grossly overperformed all estimates.



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