All your favorite social metrics, but now with Stocks! LunarCrush Level 5 brings stocks and a host of new features.

5 min readSep 7, 2022

LunarCrush is excited to announce our new and upcoming suite of Level 5 features! If you’re not already familiar, LunarCrush levels grant you access to different tiers of features, earning potential, and social metrics. The higher the level, the more value you get.

The introduction of an additional level will serve as a springboard for the future of our roadmap. By being a part of this new level, users gain access to an exciting new suite of products and metrics and a significant boost in earning potential that can compound by providing liquidity in DEXs or staking in LunrFi contracts.

Level 5 users will gain full access to social data on an entirely new asset class on the LunarCrush platform — STOCKS. That’s right!! As a crypto-native organization with robust monitoring capabilities, we’ve seen a rising correlation between traditional equities and crypto markets. We originally launched with crypto because we saw correlation between social and project momentum. As the lines between crypto and equities blur as a result of the younger generation maturing and the older generations’ new interest in the asset class, the research techniques have started to align. Additionally, many equities are being mirrored on-chain or onto crypto-native exchanges, and we believe the cross-over will only continue to grow.

We are applying the same social monitoring logic to U.S.-listed equities while adjusting for nuances within a non-crypto asset class and a different cohort of users and traders.

Get access to the same type of early insight and alternative data analytics that hedge funds and sophisticated traders use to gauge market sentiment, spot anomalies and trends, and be the first to move on early indicators or confirm signals on models utilizing a wide surface area of input features.

Learn more about how LunarCrush monitors the social landscape here and our output metrics here.

As a Level 5 user, your potential to earn on the platform will see a significant boost by becoming eligible for a higher proportion of the weekly and daily rewards. Check out our Levels page here to find out more.

Level 5 users will also get access to incredible new features:

LunarCrush Social Intelligence Metrics (live now!)
Starting today, Level 5 users will have access to all metrics available on LunarCrush for companies like Apple, Tesla, Netflix, and over 100 more. This includes our proprietary market metrics GalaxyScore and AlternativeRank (AltRank). More companies will be added daily.

Real-time social data (coming soon!)
Currently, data is presented as a real-time snapshot of data and memorialized into hourly time intervals. Level 5 users will soon gain access to a living, breathing feed of pricing and social data allowing you to see changes in real-time.

Discover Live (coming soon!)
Discover Live will be a significant improvement on the current Discover page. Instead of a static aggregation of LunarCrush data (insights, top coins, mentions, etc.), Discover Live will be a live, auto-updating page where our metrics are aggregated into an eye-pleasing interface where a user can grab a birds-eye [high-level] view of the social landscape at glance across all supported asset types.

*Image is concept only — does not include real data.

Advanced Insights (coming soon!)
Advanced insights will take our Insights feature to another level (no pun intended). These two-touch insights will be triggered if an abnormal deviation in a social metric (current insights) is followed in close proximity by an abnormal deviation in price or volume. This adds another dimension of automation, taking insights to its next logical step and making it even easier for traders and bots to spot recurring patterns of price/volume based on social movement. Advanced insights will also let users dive deeper to see the top posts that triggered that insight.

Upgraded portfolio (coming soon!)
Level 5 portfolio tools will be upgraded to a more automated and easier-to-use module, where a simple wallet or exchange connection will be all you need to track the value and inflows/outflows of your holdings across all supported asset types.

Level 5 access will require a user to hold 2,000 $Lunr and can be stored in LunarCrush-provisioned or in self-custody wallets (e.g. Metamask, Zilpay) as long as they are connected to your LunarCrush account. We’ve made it even easier for you to hold $Lunr with our new payment module, where you can increase your $Lunr balance using your credit card, fiat currency, or any of the extensive list of LunarCrush-approved cryptocurrencies.

For our users and us, Level 5 represents a big step towards democratizing social intelligence. Over the next couple of quarters, we will further our mission by adding an entirely new asset class and making automation tools like insights even more accessible. We are excited to bring more users onto the platform and provide crypto exposure and social automation to a new cohort while giving our existing users a better toolset to make confident decisions in an uncertain landscape. Head to to sign up or upgrade your current level!